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my chemical divorce

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all my OTPs sittin’ in a tree


first comes love

then comes marriage

thanks obama

you’re welcome.

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Piercely's Follow Forever - 1st Winter Edition 2012

It’s a merry month, so time for a merry gift! All these blogs are people that have made my tumblr experience unforgettable and are inspiring me still. Some are people that have become my closest friends, others are blogs that I admire from afar. Just wanted to let you know that I love you all so much. Thank you for being the way you are. Carmen  

A-D: ariahastings, alaricss, alexudinovsalisonspencerbcwaldorfbellisaro, benzoashleybirdysalvatorecarolinescurlsclairholts, clifftopcloudsmaygather-damonsdamonsaviourdamonsbuddydarrenisattractivedelenabear, delenasporndobrevalove,

E-H: elenahastingselenassaviourelenasflameelijahsmanhoodforbesalvatoregilbertjournalgilbertsfiregilbertprincessgrowingdarknesshancashalesexheartachetosinghollandobrevs, holdingonlettinggo94 

I-L: ikisseddamon, indamonseyesinfinitenianjamiecampbowjuliettburke, jeremysrennerkahterinepierce, katherinepiercedkathscurlslovatio

M-O: niklausex, mczayn, mehlurk, myacklesmydelenapassionsniansloochninadoubrevaodairbearohaynesohmypreciousgirl

P-T: pauleskipaulswhorepaulgasms, paulydobrevpaulpornlewskipaulwessleypehtrovapetrovacharm, piercequeen, sassystefansantasnaping, sexysmolderhaldershaysbenzspencerhastigs, smolderhaldersbutt, somergasmssomerhalderwhoresmolderhaldereyessummercohensymphonyofsilvertearssstelenaswhorepowerlesbianqueenkathryangoslinng

U-Z: vampetrovawasilewskibuttwarriorsoulswesleypaulwrencr


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Nathan Sykes thug life past

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AU Meme: Nathan Sykes as a professional model.

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AU Meme
     Zayn Malik is a nerdy straight A student in your freshman class, but over the summer he changes into a hot bad boy.

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same Zayn, same

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