AKA when that one chick is popping off that good shit one too many times and you just gotta wreck her face.

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eight favorite divas -  (1) Lita

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"What a move! What a champion! She’s Lita!"- JR

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"She wasn’t a girl! Lita was a chic!The hot chic,she was a cool chic!"

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"You people seem to forget, you have a very short memory, forgetting who I am and what I’ve done. Let me remind you: I single-handedly revolutionized women’s roles in the WWE. No, listen to this: Before me, all women were eye candy. There were no moonsaults, there were no Litacanranas. All the sacrifices I made, whether tearing everything out of my knee, whether BREAKING MY NECK or getting verbally berated by you idiots every week… all the sacrifices I made. I inspired a generation of women. Without me, there would be no Mickie James! For that matter, without me there would be no Trish Stratus! So you’re gonna make my job really easy to forget about all you people. Because at Survivor Series, I’m gonna do it better. I’m gonna do it better than Trish Stratus, because I’m gonna walk into Survivor Series, I’m gonna beat Mickie James and then I’m gonna walk out the WWE Women’s Champion. And then I’m walking away from all you people. Because Survivor Series is my last match. I’m gonna retire. And I’m gonna retire the greatest Women’s champion of all time!!!”


5 FEUDS :: Lita vs. Trish Stratus

The story of two vastly different women: one a blonde bombshell and the other a rebellious redhead - both of whom want success and notoriety at any cost. For six years they fought each other, fought other combatants who tried to take the top spot - everything to prove that one of these two belongs at the top. And if one of them can’t beat the other, they will stand at the top and defend it together.

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