This would be me casually stalking Brian Dales of The Summer Set. Taken during their sound check. 021612, LIV5 at the Alabang Town Center

So this would be me and The Ready Set’s tech guy/whatever. Too bad he wasn’t looking at the camera. :( BUT HE TOUCHED MY SHOULDER dlfkjdlkfldkg

Manila Swag!

Try to spot me and Care in the crowd, we’re in the lower left. ;)

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I’m in dire need of 2 purple ticket stubs for LIV5 at Alabang Town Center. Let me know if you have 2 to give for free.

Is anyone kind enough to give me 2 extra purple stubs for LIV5 at Alabang Town Center?

I really need it, pleaaseee? Or if you’re selling some, go to my ask box and tell me how much do I have to pay for 2.

45 days until the LIV5 concert at Alabang Town Center!