This would be me casually stalking Brian Dales of The Summer Set. Taken during their sound check. 021612, LIV5 at the Alabang Town Center

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So this would be me and The Ready Set’s tech guy/whatever. Too bad he wasn’t looking at the camera. :( BUT HE TOUCHED MY SHOULDER dlfkjdlkfldkg

Manila Swag!

Try to spot me and Care in the crowd, we’re in the lower left. ;)

  • my life might be shitty nao
  • but i’m seeing five of my favorite bands tomorrow

I’m in dire need of 2 purple ticket stubs for LIV5 at Alabang Town Center. Let me know if you have 2 to give for free.

Is anyone kind enough to give me 2 extra purple stubs for LIV5 at Alabang Town Center?

I really need it, pleaaseee? Or if you’re selling some, go to my ask box and tell me how much do I have to pay for 2.